Monday, August 20, 2007

Latest Excitement at the Commune

You're looking at an xray of Jane's arm last night after falling off the bridge leading to the tree house, while she was trying to mount the zip line. It's a pretty bad break--both bones near the wrist. She went to RVMC ER and was fortunate that an orthopedic hand surgeon was on call. They took her to surgery, but all went very well as she didn't need to have her arm cut open and they were able to place the pins with a drill. She and Marla spent the night at the hospital so they could keep an eye on her, but Kevin is on his way to pick them up now. She has a splint on until Thursday when they will then put her in a cast. Kevin has to get the older kids back to Boise as they start school the end of this week, but Marla and the girls will stay another week.

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