Wednesday, September 12, 2007

All About Anne

Annie had to fill out out the following form for her teacher this week. I thought her answers were, uh, interesting and I'd share them here (answers in red)(spelling left intact). I also thought it might be fun to hear what some of the other cousins' answers are, as well.

1. I am very proud that I am in Mrs. Hills class.

2. My birthday is July nineth.

3. My favorite subject in school is well I don't know yet

4. When I read for fun I like to read stories about mitary [mystery] adventures

5. One thing I do very well is memorize things

6. My favorite food is crunchy apples

7. I know I can work hard and get a job dun

8. I wonder about (crossed out)

9. My favorite thing to do is swimm

10. When I grow up I want to be a vet

11. My favorite sport is swimm

12. My family includes my mom Jerilyn, my dad Jeff, my brother Glen and my sister Grace

13. My favorite color is purple

14. I would like to travel to Idaho [when I asked why Idaho, she said "it's where all my cousins live!]

15. My favorite pet is a dog

16. My special things are creativity I can try and make one thing and and try and do something else

17. My favorite TV show is don't have one

18. An important goal for me is to be more truthfull to my frends

19. Something I want to know more about is how we got a beaver frome grifen creek school

20. My favorite book is the Sisterhood Grim!

21. I love my family and animals

22. My favorite thing about me is (left blank)

23. Something I really want is a Barn

24. I am special because there is only one me

25. If I had ten dollars I'd spend it on nothing

26. I like it when my parents agree!

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Mom said...

Way to go Annie! Maybe we should send it out by email to all the parents and have them post their kids' answers.