Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Alan! (you too, Talmage!)

They say the best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother. I think that might be true for mothers too, so in honor of your dad's birthday, here are

60 Reasons Why I Love Your Dad
1. He married me despite my faults.
2. He has stayed married to me despite my faults.
3. He never, ever mentions my faults.
4. He can always fix almost anything (tangible or otherwise, including my mistakes) and that has always made me feel safe and cared for.
5. Every day of our married life he has gotten up and done what needed to be done to provide for and protect our family and never acted like it was a burden.
6. He wanted as many children as I did and he was just as excited about the arrival of each one.
7. He was never hesitant to help care for those children.
8. He rinsed out every dirty cloth diaper he ever changed.
9. When we pray together, he prays like he is praying to a personal friend.
10. He has supported me in every calling I have had, especially that of mother.
11. He has always put his family first.
12. He has always honored his priesthood.
13. He makes me laugh.
14. He doesn't mind paying for my family history habit.
15. He never makes me feel inadequate.
16. Whenever I get to hear him teach, I always learn something.
17. He is as at home holding a baby as he is bending over a car engine.
18. He likes to cook (and when he's tired, he still does it) and caters to my fetish for good salads.
19. He always said thank you for the meals that I cooked (with one split pea soup exception).
20. He listens to me and makes me feel like what I say has merit.
21. Because of his fetish for as near perfect a lawn as possible, our home has always looked good on the outside.
22. He is the most honest person I know.
23. He has always been the handsomest man I know.
24. He loves his children, their spouses and his grandchildren more than any of them know.
25. He is genuinely who he is, even when people judge him, sometimes unfairly.
26. He was good to my parents.
27. He grows and shares (often anonymously) a garden every year.
28. When appropriate when bearing his testimony in Institute class, he tells class members, in various ways, how much he loves me.
29. He brings me flowers from Albertsons when I least expect it. (Like I told Zach, it's not the price, it's the fact that he was thinking of me.)
30. He gives into my love for sweets, no questions asked.
31. In the last nearly sixteen years he has never once indicated, verbally or otherwise, that I am a burden to him.
32. He sends me emails and signs them with X's and O's.
33. Marrying him also meant I got the best father-in-law and mother-in-law ever. Also some really sweet sisters-in-law.
34. He gives great back rubs.
35. He always gives me the first ripe samples from the garden.
36. In a crisis, his children call him first.
37. He trusts me to manage the money.
38. He is a champion of anyone who is treated or judged unfairly.
39. He has an amazing mind.
40. He takes me on road trips that include both long talks and periods of companionable silence.
41. He writes me infrequent but absolutely-worth-waiting-for love letters.
42. He actually enjoys really good romantic movies that I like (but I can't call them you-know-what).
43. When I can't figure out a mystery movie he will explain it to me and not make me feel stupid.
44. He has never once raised his voice at me.
45. He likes to serve others, often anonymously.
46. He never complains when I buy stuff for our grandchildren.
47. Actually, he never complains when I buy anything.
48. He never minded doing the ironing (in fact, I think he preferred it because he did it better than I did).
49. He knows how to mend and hem his own pants.
50. He puts his hand on my arm in the middle of the night for no particular reason.
51. When I hear weird noises in the night, he checks them out and never gives me a hard time when they turn out to be nothing, which is almost every time.
53. We feel the same about house pets.
54. He has never forgotten my birthday or our anniversary.
55. In nearly 38 years, he has come up with some amazing ways to surprise me.
56. He has saved us tons of money in car and other repair bills.
57. We can look across a crowded room of people and know what each of us is thinking.
58. He tells me he worships the ground I roll on.
59. He not only puts the air in my ties, he IS the air in my tires.
60. Because he loves me back.
Alan, thanks for letting me share 39 of those sixty years. They have been the best 39 years of my life!
I love you, XOXOXO


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