Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Pierre Roberts Field" at Creswell Middle School

Just in case you're interested in being included...

Good Morning Michele,

Just wanted you to know what we did on behalf of the family yesterday. Kerry had mentioned that the sign at Daddy’s school might need some “loving care” as it was getting a little dilapidated. Mikey and I went to check the sign out. We found that it is made totally of wood and the signposts may not last too much longer. The sign does need a new paint job.

So we went in and introduced ourselves to the Principal and asked if we could repaint the sign. She said yes and informed us to what was going on at the middle school. The school bond passed and they are planning to build a new Middle school right behind the existing one. They plan to tear down the existing school, but transfer some of the school icons to the new facility. They are hoping to be completed by 2009. The fields would be completed probably in 2010. The Principal and Athletic Director Shirley Burrus [ ] really didn’t know what the board was going to do with the field – whether it was to remain the “Pierre Roberts Field” or not. She was in favor of leaving it as is. However, she really didn’t know anything about Daddy.

So here is our idea. . . . . First, we would like to inform her about Daddy and his legacy. We were wondering if you could look in your records and get some kind of a Bio on Daddy that we could send to the principle. If you could scan pictures, articles etc and send them to us (all of my records are in storage). Then she would have some background to champion the PR Field to the board. We told her the family was honored that they named the field and of course would like to see his legacy continue. Mikey had a great idea and asked Shirley if they kept the field, could the family work with the Architectural firm in designing and placing the new sign. He told her that he thought the family would like to donate the sign back to the school. In this way we could secure his legacy.

We don’t know if this will even come about, but she has our information as a contact. We were hoping that if we had the opportunity to get a routed sign (or whatever format they wanted) that the family would be able to pitch in a few bucks together to fund the project. Also, maybe if the sign was to be metal not wood we might be able to work with Brett. A lot of maybes right now. Also, if this all happens, it might be fun to have some Roberts family members there when the town does their ribbon cutting ceremony.

So for now, Patty and Luis, Mikey and I and maybe Misty and Shea will give the sign a new face lift this Sunday. What do you think???? If you would like to include this explanation with the family letters – we could see what other family members think also.

Love you, Krissy

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