Monday, October 1, 2007

We finally have a kidney-shaped Pool!

Hot off the press! Here are the images from my ultrasound today.

(Despite my advancing downhill-slope-to-40 years, there's no sign of birth defects or Down's Syndrome, so, whew!)

Here is the image the technician says proves this is a boy, because he's in "Male Recliner Mode." (When you click on the images, they'll open up larger.)

Here is the image that will have Nemesis Bennion dancing with joy—THUMBSUCKING.

This baby moved around a lot during the ultrasound. It was really amazing to watch and I only cried a tiny bit, probably because I knew if I really cried, Grace (who was there, along with Trina) would mock me forEVER. The tech said most babies at this age are stinkers when it comes to behaving for an ultrasound, but MY baby was perfect. OF COURSE. About time I had one of those.

Here is an image of the baby midmovement. You can see the arm and the belly and the outline of his giant Hassell head.

While this image looks exactly like the last one, it has a great shot of the baby's profile.

And finally, I now have a real due date. April Fool's Day. HOW FITTING.

PS. I don't know the gender yet. I have another ultrasound on October 29 when I should be able to find that out.


Jason & Trina said...

Kidney-shaped Pool!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!

Mom said...

All I can see in that last picture is what looks like a big nose and a large elf-shaped ear. Hopefully I've got it all wrong!!

marlaquin said...

I think that white aura around it is the infamous pool totally HEARTS her baby.

jerilyn said...

Yeah, I heart my baby. So what?