Monday, October 1, 2007

Why I will soon be released...

During yesterday's lesson on Peter...

Me: So, Peter went and followed the Savior right away, leaving behind his nets and father and the whole deal.

12 Year old Girls: Did he like, know him?

Me: Well, I have to assume so, they at least knew of him and had enough faith to follow him.

12YG: What if he was dangerous?

Me: It was Jesus.

12YG: No way I would just follow anyone.

Me: What if President Hinckley came along and asked you to follow him to Zion and build the new Jerusalem? Don't you love and trust him?

12YG: Do I have to feed pigs?

Me: Does it matter? It's President Hinckley!

12YG: Have you ever fed pigs?? It matters.

Me: OK, no pigs.

12YG: Are there Jerusalem Stake Dances?

End Scene.


Jason & Trina said...

You should write a book.

Derek said...

My buddies at work are getting a kick out of this