Monday, November 26, 2007

Trip #2

Obviously I should have posted these posts in reverse order. The second trip was to Utah for Thanksgiving and Samantha's blessing. Lois was, as always, a gracious host and managed to squeeze us and the Hamelin's into the bedrooms so all had a place to sleep. Thanksgiving dinner was delicious and we also got to see Annie, HD (Harrison David, chunk 'o love, Hot Diggety), Emily and Claire on Saturday. We didn't get as many pictures as we should have, but here are a few. I can never figure out how to label these so they are with the picture, but the ones of Sami and the blessing are obvious. Zach gave his daughter a beautiful blessing in their living room on Friday night with just family and a member of the bishopric present. The shoe picture is to show how many were at Thanksgiving dinner. And the picture of Abi was taken after she got to open her birthday present from us. Slipper size is a bit off but think how long she can wear them!

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