Monday, January 14, 2008

Musical Nerd Alert

So I stood up yesterday morning to conduct the opening hymn in Sacrament Meeting, and here's what went through my mind:

"WHOA! I think I totally missed the notes!"
"WHOA! Nobody else is singing! Help! Why is nobody singing?"
"Maybe I need to warm up my voice before 9:00 church"
"Wow, they sound awful today - why is nobody singing?"
"Why is the alto part so HARD to sing?"
"Why am I still belting this song out when nobody is singing and I'm not sure I have the notes right?"
"Poor, poor Bishopric, in whose ears I am squawking"

After 3.75 verses of random panic (mine) and confusion (everyone's), it finally occurred to me . . . and I was right. Somebody had transposed the organ up FOUR STEPS. Thank goodness we figured it out before "The Spirit of God."

No, seriously - it was funny!

Some night you'll wake up laughing.

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