Saturday, January 12, 2008

Remember the good times?

How could you forget? I'm not talking about our tight perms or homemade shorts either. I'm talking good old family togetherness. If you're feeling nostalgic for dome light toe burning, don't weep any longer.

Come one, come all to the Hassell Family Reunion 08.

Unless you're not one of us, and then you'll probably just think we're odd.

Because we all fear commitment, Trina and I have taken it upon ourselves to take a few cabins at Esther Applegate August 18-20. You're welcome to take another cabin and come for a few days or just visit for a few hours. We'll be there and you can come too. You might see Jerilyn changing a diaper, or Dad do something dangerous, or Zach flex his muscles. Actually, I can guarantee all of the above.

Let us know if you're in, or out.

1 comment:

Derek said...

Is that the before or after picture of the 89 trip, and what was I doing in that pose?!