Thursday, January 10, 2008


On Sunday when Sadie talked to her little friend, Craig pointed out to her that her friend had short hair, and asked her what she thought of short hair. Apparently he hasn't been around little girls enough to realize that this is something you NEVER point out to a little girl who has access to scissors!
So, on Tuesday when I came down from showering Sadie mentioned (with a rather devious look on her face)how she wanted short hair. Upon closer inspection...she had short hair. Some as short as 2 cm.
After alot of mopping to 'earn' the money for a decent hair cut:

As you can see, she is thrilled!


Mom said...

Are you sure she and Catherine haven't been talking to each other?! Every mother's nightmare! But the pixie cut looks awfully cute!

Jason & Trina said...

The worst scissor escapade we've ever had involved a hand-quilted blanket from Grandma, several hours of being sick to my stomach (thank goodness the 3yo culprit was in bed asleep when I found it) and two nights of hand-stitching the 6 pieces back together.

Sadie's new do is darling and I love that she had to mop for it!