Monday, January 14, 2008

Talmage Letter

Talmage usually doesn't fall asleep right away and often stays up drawing pictures, writing letters, or composing comic strips. Some of the stuff we find in the morning is hilarious! This is a recent letter to his grandparents. I'll translate:

Dear Grandma,

Grandma, did you know cats go poo poo in our sandbox?

Sadie and Abi and me got water flutes and bubble bath (for Christmas).

Love Talmage

The small pictures in between the words are his way of copying the "picture letters" he gets and there are two Grandmas because Lois's mom lives with us.

So there, now everyone knows where the cats go, which seems to be an important news item to six-year-olds.


Mom said...

His letters are not only hilarious, they are amazing! (Non-biased Gramma opinion.) And I'm not even going to ask about dogs!

marlaquin said...

Who knew Mom had such a sweet ride?

Jason & Trina said...

Talmage, your letter is awesome!

Also, my offspring appear to have hijacked my computer and figured out how to comment. So if there are weird comments, it so totally wasn't me.

jerilyn said...

Whatever, Trina. I'd recognize that spelling anywhere.