Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Where's the love?

Livvy has spent all day today NOT cleaning her room. It's been a picnic. So a little while ago, I could hear her behind me muttering to herself in distraught tones, and I asked her what she was saying. She replied, "The letter will say . . ." and tossed a note in my lap and ran to her room.

I give you said note:
When I went to her room and coaxed her out of the toybox in her closet, she told me, "I'm not getting much love today."

For the record, she didn't get out of cleaning her room, but she did get some love.


marlaquin said...

Where did Livvy get her guilt trip lessons????

Mom said...

Oh, the handwriting on the wall!!

Jason & Trina said...
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