Thursday, February 21, 2008

34 Weeks and Bursting

Mandatory face photo:

The image that makes Jeff question the paternity:

Wearing her placenta as a hat (in 3D):

She also has a thing for her feet, which makes me question her maternity as well. I hate feet.

Mom, who was in attendance, probably remembers more details about the baby than I do. I was mostly concerned that Livvy was going to make a crack about my huge bare (bear, har) tummy.


Mom said...

Sure was fun to be there! She looks like a keeper!

jerilyn said...

Well, we'll see if she's still a keeper at 2 am when we get home from the hospital. I'm old and I need my beauty sleep!

According to Oregon law, we have 30 days to ditch her without any legal consequences, so Chuck better behave!

marlaquin said...

Poor, poor Marla Grace Junior.