Monday, February 4, 2008

Attn: Trina and Lois, press conference watchers

1. TRINA, If I hear that you are making casseroles, working in their recording studio or putting brads on paper for the B*%%^&$# instead of giving me the Laree post, you will be fined 4 Glitterati points which means you pay for my next appetizer. If you tell them I said that or show them this post then that is a fine of 40,000 points meaning I get to buy Jaci.

2. Lois, lovely pictures. Might you explain why attending the World of Concrete requires a month of attendance? Zach maybe? What exactly is going down in VEGAS? Sounds like a dream assignment. Were you there for a whole month?

3. Was it just me or during the Press Conference today when the reporter from NPR was kind of badgering Pres. Monson about women and education, did anyone else see Elder Eyring give him this bemused patient look that said to me "Mister, I'm calculating your protons and neutrons right now."


Zachary Pierre said...

World of Concrete's only a week. Most of our guys were "unreachable by phone" during said week.

Craig said... week. But Craig was gone for the whole month. He has been in Parawon (just north of Cedar City) when he wasn't in Vegas. (aside from the fun 5 day pneumonia break) And is now there again.

jerilyn said...

Hey! I was in Vegas at the same time! (But not for the same reason.) I remember seeing World of Concrete signs and thinking "what kind of crazy person goes to a convention about CONCRETE?"*

I guess I know now...

*I suppose the same kind of person who goes to a convention on variable data printing, which is a convention I'm missing this week, much to my immense sadness.

marlaquin said...

They must have been unreachable by phone because they didn't have any reception inside a world made of concrete.


Some night you'll wake up laughing.

Jeri, as I read your first comment I thought, "People that live in nerdy conventions shouldn't throw..oh wait, she got it"

Now from my daughter:

jane prescott