Friday, February 22, 2008

Meet Megatron (a.k.a. NBE1)

We were at DI yesterday and as usual the kids love perusing the toy isle. We told them they could each buy one toy for a buck. Talmage initially showed me this toy gun and I just kind of passively grunted:

I wandered away for a while and when I came back Talmage was calling it a Transformer gun. It turns out it does this:

This would be Megatron. For only 50 cents it was a pretty good deal, as these are selling online for about $100. I'm pretty sure it's pre-2007-Transformers-Movie as Megatron was originally a gun in the cartoon, but I'm not sure when it was made. The kid must have only played with it for a week, though. It's in pretty good condition. Lois thinks it's about 1984, but we can't find anything difinitive online.


Mom said...

Well, I'm clueless about Megatron, but I love a grandson who knows what he likes!

Jason & Trina said...

Sweet find Talmage!