Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love is in the air!

Dear Tara,
Happy Valentine's Day! I got a sitter for Sami!

(Tara don't hate me, I just want to tease Zach)


Mom said...


Tara Lynn said...


Zachary Pierre said...

So what exactly were you looking for when you came across this item? (It's probably contraband - I doubt BYU would officially license a thong)

marlaquin said...

Trina sent it to me so I guess you'll have to ask her what she was searching for. I assume BYU merchandise, but she could have another side of her.

jane prescott

Jason & Trina said...

Indeed, it was a BYU sweatshirt I was after, but eBay is a shady place.

Now I've got "Thing . . . thing a thong . . . . thing out loud . . . thing out thtwong . . ." stuck in my head.

jerilyn said...

There is something disturbing and more than slightly Hassell-y* about this being on the same page as a photo of Grandpa.

*Alan Hassell Family Hassell-y not D. Ray Hassell Hassell-y.