Sunday, February 3, 2008

For Marla

We found warmth in Vegas! Well...during the winter the 50's feel pretty warm! Here are some pics of us in Vegas. Craig's work sent him down there for the 'World of Concrete' convention and we were lucky enough to find a two bedroom timeshare so we could come with.
We saw grass, played at the park w/kites, visited Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, the M&M factory, store and cactus garden and of course the Vegas Strip. Luckily the kids weren't old enough to ask why there were so many cards of naked women everywhere! Oh...and the kids discovered the joys of the Disney Channel and Nick Jr.! After having Craig out of town all month it was great fun! (of course...when we got back last week we got to keep Craig home alittle longer while he fought of a case of pneumonia!)

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