Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hanging out in the Teachers' Lounge!

Taking the quest for status of Teacher's Pet to new heights, I attended the monthly "Retired Howard Teachers" lunch today.

Last names omitted - email me if you're stumped.
Top row: Heather, Charlene and baby Clara G.
Bottom Row: Jan W, Laurie T, Bonnie A, Anne F

Heather and 8-month-old Clara

Clara and Grandma

I'm supposed to say hello to all of my family - Hello!
Just a few conversation topics from lunch:
One of the brothers building a tiny city inside his desk during instruction time.
What fantastic parents we have.
How much Zach looks like Dad (I took everyone's family pictures).
Charlene G. loves Annie - she subbed in her class once.
Mom keeping a careful eye on us and our classmates, noticing things others didn't.
Which Nickerson boy was the youngest.

And finally, when Fun Dip meets the Nursery:

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marlaquin said...

Mrs. Ferrell! A surreptitiously placed peanut in my desk during lunch is still one of my favorite treats.

Mom said...

Trina, Charlene called to tell me what a wonderful young woman you are! Thanks for representing us so positively--if only they knew! ;-)