Friday, February 15, 2008

Why She's Called Abbi-Doodle

If you can't hear your child in the house, be very afraid.

No, she's not still in her pajamas, those are one of her many "dressups". She does not wear regular clothes.

As far as the permanent marker, this is the first time it's appeared on anything other than herself. I guess it's not as bad as wood polish on the carpet.


jerilyn said...

I read the other day that denatured alcohol will take permanent marker out of anything fairly easily, including fabric.

Hope that helps!

Mom said...

That is true. Brett got it off wallpaper when we lived in the other house! How could you even get upset at that face?! Lois, can you send me copies of some of the pictures you've been posting? Thanks!

Jason & Trina said...

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is also good at getting permanent marker off of non-porous surfaces. (Don't try it on Abi - the urban legends about burns could be true.)

Abi - you are the cutest!!

Craig said...

This is Craig. I've been posting and replying under my own name. I need to get Lois to get her own name so there's no confusion. She hasn't posted in a while.

I tried denatured alchohol and goof off. Both also take off latex paint, to which the marker is applied. We do also have a magic eraser and I'll try that next. A new coat of paint may be in order.

Craig said...

For the most part, the Magic Eraser worked great!

Jason & Trina said...

I have a friend who used to sell another brand of magic eraser. Her business name was "Sponge Mom Sweat Pants." HA!