Thursday, March 20, 2008

Name That Puddle

Jeff and I (and Glen and Grace and Annie) are having a tough time figuring out a name. The baby is rearing her giant Hassell head in less than two weeks! Give us some feedback. Anyone can play!


marlaquin said...

I would like to ask you to refrain from using the name Carolyn as I have already picked it for my next girl and you already STOLE MY OWN MIDDLE NAME.

jerilyn said...

I think since I'm closing in on 40 and great with giant child, I should get to do whatever I want, including pirating any and all names I deem giant child-worthy.

Trina said...

Maybe your poll should be, "Just make this easy and tell me what you're planning to name your next daughter because IT'S ALL MINE."

marlaquin said...

In that case, I am thinking of naming my next child "Spoomoni La Gladiata Chandler".

Mom said...

Things like this never came up when I was naming my children.

Trina said...

The poll won't let us vote more than once from the same computer, so here are the rest of our votes:

LaRee - Sarah Jaye
Jason - Charlotte B
Jaci - June Jay
Livvy - Sarah Raye
Sarah N. (friend) - Sarah Jaye
Jesse - "a mint. honk honk" ("Just a minute, I'm taking my socks off")

Also, "Fashion Glitters" got an honorable mention.

Derek said...

Your next girl? Something you'd like to tell us about Marla?