Saturday, March 8, 2008

Remind me to put hairspray on the shopping list . . .

Our ward had an 80's Family Dance last night. Here are some of our costume contributions.

(Ok, it's just LaRee and me. Jaci got ready at a friend's house, Olivia's side-ponytail was regrettably undocumented, and Jason said that he never pegged his pants in the 80's and he wasn't about to start last night. Jesse wasn't in costume, unless you count his red rubber boots, but he wears them 24/7, so I don't know . . .)
I observed that:
Big bangs are like riding a bike . . . the skills came back alarmingly fast.
You don't say "Nice 80's hair!" at an 80's dance unless you're SURE it was on purpose.
LaRee observed that:
Banana clips are painful to put in, and all your hair falls back out anyway.
Jason observed that:
If he had seen me like that in the 80's, he wouldn't have dated me in the 90's.
Marla and/or Tiffany: Do you remember some kind of dance routine to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go?" I have a vague memory of kicking and twirling with one of you. I have a very vivid memory, however, of Zach, age 9, singing it in his bed while listening to my Wham tape on a walkman.


marlaquin said...

I believe we had dance routines to most hits back then. I most vividly remember our routine to "Like a Virgin", though we had no idea what a Virgin was. I then remember getting the lecture from mom about what said thing was.

Then I remember turning to Jerilyn and asking "Are YOU a virgin??"

Jason & Trina said...

I forgot all about that! I also remember thinking that Cyndi Lauper worked in a fabric store.

Zachary Pierre said...

That dance was with Tiffany, and I vividly remember the house shaking as you two jumped up an down doing what we called the Earthquake Dance.

Jason & Trina said...

. . . quoth Mr. M.C. Hammer pants . . .

(Actually, "Earthquake Dance" does ring a bell.)