Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Trina, your pound of cookie dough is coming

You know, from "Merchant of Venice"? Because I cheated on you today, and as with all cheating I have such regrets. No, I didn't sit at TGI Fridays and giggle with another woman. I went to the Target Portrait Studio, and it was so painful. 

It all started with some Easter Dresses at Costco that had tulle and netting and petticoats and Jane and Cat begged for them and then Jane gave me a look that said this moment would be remembered in therapy someday, so I caved. 

Then I thought, I should chronicle this in a nice way for Mom and I don't really want to take these to Oregon in a suitcase and try and iron them  and who knows if they'll stay clean until then. The girls have worn them every day in "dress time" where they have to sit still and not get the dresses dirty.  So I went to Target and got a whole bunch of pics for $7.99.

The photographer hated me, and thought the girls were not very smart. She would say to them, "put your chin down" and point to Jane so they both would.  She never learned their names. She was disappointed that I didn't want them to have props.  She was surly. About 5 minutes in Cat started to say "I don't have to stand there. I don't have to touch Jane!" I knew you would have handled it like a pro, but she sighed so heavily. So I said "You can make your own choices in about 15 minutes, but this is for Grandma Hassell so suck it up".  She did and we got an OK picture.

I have learned my lesson. Please forgive me. You are a pro! 


Mom said...

Thanks, Cat and Jane! Tulle and netting and petticoats??!! Who is impersonating your mother??!!

Jason & Trina said...

To quote Lady Catherine: "Obstinate, headstrong girl! I am ashamed of you!"

Haha, just so long as you refused the props, I'm ok with it. But I still want the cookie dough.

marlaquin said...

Remember when you had Jesse and I just placed a big bowl in front of you with a spoon in it? Pick your poison, sister.