Thursday, May 15, 2008

For Marla

Where do I start?

The time I was grounded for clubbing you with a tennis racket?

Sardines in the shower?

The time we made up a play on Sunday about how we made up a play on Sunday?

Plastic-pants hats on the babysitters' heads?

Throwing the huge black spider-monkey thing off the bunkbed and out the doorway onto Brett in a dark hallway? (Still makes me laugh - sorry, Brett.)

Smoking cigars in the backyard playhouse? (Just kidding, Mom, I made that one up.)

I hope my kids can remember stuff like that someday (and not tell me about it until then).


I'm Marla! said...

Come on! How about the time we had our Barbies naked in the hot tub (my soft box that you totally coveted) and Mom came in and we got in SO MUCH TROUBLE.

bestgrandkidsever said...

How did this evolve from Happy Mother's Day to True Confessions?!

Trina said...

Wow - I tip my freakish-memory-crown to you . . . I only have the very vaguest memory of that!

Not the soft box - I remember every detail of the box I never got!

I'm Marla! said...

Plus, I was given five dollars with the box, and that was the financial highlight of my 8th year.

We had Ken in the hot tub with the Barbies; which is why we were busted. I remember being shocked that there was something wrong with that.