Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Week

Did your mom . . .

  • Take all of her children (and usually a few extras) hiking in the summer on a regular basis?

  • Agree to spend 3+ weeks on the road with 8 kids living out of a tent trailer and STILL make 75% of the meals in the tent trailer "kitchen?" And do all the associated laundry?

  • Bake apple/strawberry/raspberry pies, cinnamon rolls, swirly/coffee-can/banana bread, lasagnes, rolls, birthday cakes, Aunt Marvel/Lemon Pudding/Anglesey Salad, and everything else from SCRATCH?

  • Take the entire family to Lithia park every Thursday in the summer so you could eat fried chicken, macaroni salad, and knox blox while you listened to the Band Concerts?

  • Attend parades, band concerts, chorus concerts, school plays, baseball games, football games, basketball games, track meets, swim meets, art exhibits, assemblies, PTO meetings, graduations, parent nights, class parties, piano recitals (shall I continue)?

  • Teach her kids to sew, cook, clean, fold, repair, de-clutter, dust, shine, and vacuum?

  • Undertake the horrific task of making 8 kids practice the piano 5 days a week over 15-ish years? And budget for the lessons? And then take piano lessons herself?

  • Take you to cultural events so you could spend time with your mom while your brain grew?

  • Pop popcorn and play board games with her kids on Sunday afternoons, even if it meant explaining 5 times each Sunday what a Full House is in Yahtzee?

  • Make a hot, balanced breakfast six days a week?

  • Leave notes on napkins in lunchsacks for every kid young enough to want one, and understand compeletely when the older kids didn't?

  • Have FHE, family prayer, and scripture study without fail? And fulfill her callings at church with the same dedication?

  • Sew curtains for your windows, clothes for your dolls, dresses for church, blankets for babies, and birthday presents for your friends?

  • Read chapter books out loud in large cars on long trips without losing her voice or getting sick?

  • Once in a while, laugh (so hard that she couldn't talk) at things proper moms like her (she?) aren't really supposed to laught at?

  • Take you shopping and out to dinner while all the boys were camping with your dad?

  • Save up S&H Green stamps to buy you a lamp for Christmas that is still on your nightstand 20+ years later?

  • Make up funny songs to wake you up with early in the morning?

  • Read books at naptime and bedtime EVERY day, even on days she was so tired she would drift off mid-sentence and not complain when she was elbowed awake again?

  • Put her heart, soul, and spirit into raising 8 children?

Mine did. Thanks, Mom. I love you.


Jerilyn said...

Oh, I see how it is. I leave a measely three-paragraph comment and you write an entire post.

Craig said...

Great memories. I don't know how I can put it any better Trina. You are an awesome mom/gramma. Love you mom!

Zachary Pierre said...

There's no way I can beat that, so I'll just ditto everything Trina said. Love you Mom!

bestgrandkidsever said...

Wow, thanks for all the nice comments. I keep wondering if I should look down and see if there is a big "S" embroidered on my shirt. Then again, maybe you were all just trying to ensure you didn't get wrestled down and kissed by your sister! Anyway, thanks for being such great kids. I couldn't have asked for better and it's a privilege to be your mom!

I'm Marla! said...

Is there some award for freaky childhood memory? CAUSE TRINA GETS IT.

You should start regular posts of funny things you remember from our childhood so we can all relive them. Unless it involves something embarrassing, like anonymous toe burning.

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