Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

See Daddy. See Daddy is awake early, early in the morning. See Daddy drag his eight children out of bed to read family scriptures. See Daddy aim a spray bottle at the teenage son who’s still asleep.

Silly, silly Daddy.

See Daddy. See Daddy’s cars. See how Daddy loves his cars and washes them and vacuums them and tinkers on them. See his daughter rear-end another car. See his son narrowly escape death. See his daughter drive through two fences. See his daughter hit a parked car. See his daughter hit Daddy’s own parked car. See his daughter run over a large rock and dent the oil pan. See his daughter hit a deer. See his son hit yet another parked car. See his son burn doughnuts in the church parking lot. See Daddy fix the cars again and again and again. See Daddy reluctantly allow his children to keep driving.

Poor, poor Daddy.

See Daddy. See Daddy sit down to a lasagna dinner. See Daddy find a bit of hamburger on the table. See Daddy snitch the hamburger. See Daddy realize it’s actually cat food left out by his daughter.

Funny, funny Daddy.

See Daddy. See Daddy drive. See Daddy drive a suburban from coast to coast while towing a tent trailer. See Daddy try to fix the suburban when it breaks down in Colorado. See Daddy jimmy-rig the suburban so he can coast back into town to buy a fuel pump. See Daddy fix every car his kids bring to him.

Smart, smart Daddy.

See Daddy. See Daddy work hard every day to raise eight children on a single income. See how much Daddy loves Mommy. See Daddy teach his kids the things they need to know. See Daddy show his kids how to work and play.

See how much Daddy’s kids love him.

Lucky, lucky kids.


Craig said...

Happy Father's Day Dad!

Zachary Pierre said...

There's really no point in posting anything about Mom or Dad, since we'll all be shamelessly out done by Trina. Extremely well said though, and I'll echo all of it. Love you Dad!

bestgrandkidsever said...

Dad says, "Oh what the digital age has done to defame parents, smiting them to the very quick. Thanks." (Nice choice of pictures too.)

bestgrandkidsever said...

See Mommy love Daddy! Great job, Trina!