Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Is it just me? Or did we all have perms?

Is everyone OK with the reunion? Do you all have your meals planned? I guess I'm doing biscuits and fudge topped brownies. Anyone else want to list what they're doing?

Does anyone need any help?

Do we need to post an itinerary?

Here is the link for what we have so far:


If you need access, leave me your email address in the comments section. Even if you're not a family member, everyone's invited! To my blog. You're really best staying away from the reunion because let's just say, wrestling is involved.

Also, understanding why safety pins were such a part of my wardrobe as a teenager.


Remember to bring a t-shirt for everyone in your family to be designed upon.

AND: TODAY - paypal mom your money for the hygiene kits $18 per family. Just do it!


bestgrandkidsever said...

I don't think Brett or Bobby had perms.

marlaquin said...

But they wanted one.

Laura said...

Marla - can I have access? My email is lhsykes at gmail dot com. Thanks!

By the way, Ben and I want to come to the reunion, but Ben gets exactly one week of vacation a year at his new job (for the first year). So we'll probably come down at some point during the weekend, I just can't promise any specific day.

jp said...

Melissa and I were NATURALLY curly, thankyouverymuch. These days, only she is. Who knows what happened to my curls. I'll go ahead and blame it on having kids--the universal excuse for all things gone awry.