Sunday, June 29, 2008

To quote President Hinckley: "The Central Point of what?"

Jerilyn and I have both heard great things about the Central Point 4th of July parade. So I looked it up, and it does indeed look like a lot of fun.

The schedule includes a free fun run, free jump house, free water slide, WATER FIGHTS (officially condoned!), and a low F-16 flyover to boot. And nary a mention of hemp or g-strings! Also, the parade is at 9:30 so you're done before the heat hits.

So I'm not trying to stir up any controversy, but we plan to go to the CP parade this year, and we'll save seats for anyone who asks us to!

Here's the schedule from the Chamber of Commerce: (more at

7:00- 3rd ANNUAL Sonic Fun Run and Race . NEW LOCATION: This years event has changed and will be located on Pine Street in downtown Central Point. Meet between 3rd and 4th Street. Entry forms are available online on theChamber Website under Event Downloads . This event is open to kids 5-12. Kids all receive a FREE Sonic fun Run t-shirt and a chance to win 1 of 4 bikes sponsored by Sonic Drive Ins. Entry is FREE.

8:30- Pre-Parade Activities begin. Find a place along the parade route for pre-parade activities, most activities will take place on Pine Street. Pre-parade activities include, Water fights, water balloon toss, pinatas, tons ofbubbles and chalk, wagon rides and music. It all begins at 8:30 so find your spot early.

9:30- NEW PARADE TIME, THE PARADE BEGINS AT 9:30 THIS YEAR so make a note of this. The parade will stop between 3rd and 4th Streets and the Star Spangled Banner will be sung by Brian Day, one of Central Pointspolice officers. The fly-over will follow. Be aware as 2 F16's flyover Pine Street , very, very low, so be ready.

11:00- Directly after the parade around 11:00 the inflatable jump houses and water slide will be ready for all of the children. They will be located on 6th Street this year and all jump houses and water slides ect., are all FREE-FREE-FREE- go on them as many times as you like. Parents there will be shade.


Jerilyn said...

Barring a blizzard that will keep the clothes on the crazies, we're going to attend the Central Point parade, too. I have a feeling all the uproar over one person's nudity (thank goodness it's not Jeff's nudity)(for a change) is going to create even more nudity in solidarity and I have a son who specifically requested we avoid the nudity.

The baby, however, is all about seeing the chesticles. Naughty, naughty baby.

Jill Walker said...

We went to the Central Point parade last year and loved it. What's the controversy?