Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another Email from Aunt Arlene

So much easier than emailing it to all of you...

I know your family is so technology advanced that you already know of this site, but we just discovered it. ImprovEverywhere.com.

We're lovin' it! I haven't seen everything yet, but the things I've seen are rate G. Well, maybe the pantsless one would be G-.
My favorites are:
Best Game Ever
Food Court Musical
Human Mirror
Romantic Comedy Cab

We laughed out loud. They're almost as good as HassellSchmassell!

1 comment:

Big Momma said...

I can't guarantee some of the follow-up comments, however. I've seen some "expletive deleted" words there, so I no longer read them. The comments, I mean. Or those words, either!