Thursday, July 17, 2008

Time to Hassell the Vote (not that vote)

Remember Becky M? Awesome YW President of our youth?

She needs our help.

Go here: and vote for her picture on the sidebar poll. She only has one day left to win. (She's the mother-in-law.)

Didn't click there yet? Don't you remember all the nights Mom and Dad were over at Clark & Becky's playing Yahtzee and we stayed home and secretly ate saltines with sugar and butter on them? You totally owe her your vote!

(Even if you're just visiting the blog and don't know her . . . just trust me . . . she's cooler than strawberry freezer jam on homemade bread. Go vote.)


Jacque said...

I totally voted even though I did not get to reap the benefits of secret saltines with sugar and butter!!

Trina said...

I hear it's even better on graham crackers.

Derek said...

I can confirm that.

Big Momma said...

I voted for Becky. I don't know her, and didn't experience the joys of crackers and freezer jam, but anyone who gets Trina's approval is all right wih me!

Jerilyn said...

I voted for Sister Malmgren because of her sweet VW van.

Also, I thought the cracker/butter/sugar business was in a cone of silence. Along with holes in the door. Hmmph.

Trina said...

Aunt Arlene, you're the best!

Jerilyn, at least I didn't tell her about the bikini at the Beans' pool.


bestgrandkidsever said...

Clearly my OCD tendencies did not extend to counting saltines or noticing how fast the butter was disappearing!