Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mmmm . . . Cinnamony Goodness!!

Where's that homemade scent wafting from? Over at Year of No Fear, where YONF and I are hosting an auction in honor of Christian and Stephanie Neilson (all proceeds go to their recovery fund). This is me, shamelessly using my highly popular (or so I hear) family blog to drive traffic over to the auction. But it's for a great cause! So get over there!

Or if you don't see anything you'd like (but you DID look, right?) then head over to DesignMom and check out the list of 165+ auctions of all types and sizes.


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Jacque said...

I have a little funny. Twice yesterday I was spelling the word hassle in an email and I spelled it hassell...aaahhhh!!