Friday, September 12, 2008

First Day of School! (Last week-ish)

Jaci - 5th grade

Olivia - Look out Kindergarten!!

LaRee - 7th grade at home this year.

Answer #1: Because we've always wanted to give it a try.
Answer #2: Because Middle School seemed like a good time.
Answer #3: She's been delightfully dilligent so far.
Answer #4: I'm not really teaching, although I'm very involved. It's an online school.
Answer #5: She loves it. Maybe because she can eat popsicles while studying history on the couch.
Answer #6: I love it, too. Interestingly, the level of mother/daughter conflict has dropped since school started. (Of course, that could be because we're all getting more sleep.)
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bestgrandkidsever said...

I get a daily phone call and kindergarten report from Livvy. Who she likes, who she doesn't like and whether her card has been turned over for unacceptable behavior. Oh, and whether she has a play date that day.

marlaquin said...

WORD fellow homeschooler. *fist bump*