Monday, September 29, 2008


I don't know how many of you know that Trina was having surgery on her eyes today. I just got a call from her friend Kristy who says the surgery went very well. The doctor was adjusting the outer eye muscles to bring her eyes into alignment. He said even though he was very pleased with what he was able to do, there was so much scar tissue on the one muscle from her previous surgery (when she was 18 months old), that he may have to do a repeat surgery to the mid muscles at a later date. He did say however that he is very pleased with what he was able to do and that we should notice a considerable difference. Trina will be in quite a bit of pain for a couple of days and needs to keep her eyes closed as much as possible for 2-3 days. She will need to wear dark glasses for 3-4 weeks. Jason is in Portland for three weeks of schooling (which they found out about after the surgery was scheduled) to be the wound care specialist for Providence in this area, so ward members are all rallying to the cause and helping with kids, meals, etc. What would we ever do without the Relief Society? Keep them all in your prayers!

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Derek said...

I could use an excuse to keep my eyes closed for the next few days. Get a bunch of books on tape/CD to pass the time.