Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008

Some of you have received this, but Dad has insisted I hand deliver rather than mail the ones to Utah and Idaho children. So just so you don't think I finally broke a sacred family tradition and didn't send a Christmas letter this year I offer this year's effort co-authored by Trina (mostly) and myself:

Alan has finished his Chevy at last.

Michele is still hunting her relatives past.

Jerilyn dazzles in graphic design.

Jeff ships out fruit, nuts and truffles divine.

Glen turned 16, now he's out on the road.

Grace is in high school and learning to sew.

Annie's in middle school. She loves to read.

March brought Bonnie Miriam--a cutie indeed.

Brett keeps Hassell Fab up and running each day.

Jackie helped a councilman get elected—Hooray!

Aubrey will attend church dances come spring.

Emma plays piano, violin and can sing.

Severin plays Little League like a pro.

Ashlin was baptized a few days ago.

Marla's baby boy will arrive in the spring.

Kevin builds houses—his praises we sing.

Gillian loves taking digital pics.

Brighton really loves sci-fi books and flicks.

Addison's learning to play the guitar.

Seeran can sure kick a soccer ball far.

Jane's being home schooled and is learning to read.

Catherine’s antics are right up to speed.

Jason does wound care as his occupation.

Trina is trying out home education.

LaRee got to showcase her play-writing skills.

Jaci plays soccer, her nickname is "Wheels".

Olivia's reading and playing at school.

Jesse loves dinosaurs, autos, and tools.

Eldon keeps his town a safe place to be.

Tiffany draws blood and “moms” children—all three.

Julianne is a dancer, she twirls and she wiggles.

When Josh runs his toddler cheeks shake and they jiggle.

December brought all of the family a treat;

Isabella Marie--she's really sweet!

Craig builds houses, he’s a Magleby mate.

Lois is a dedicated mother—she’s great.

Talmage has got a new teacher--his mother!

Sadie helps out with her new baby brother.

Abi doodles on walls and wears PJ's all day.

Wyatt Alan was happily welcomed in May.

Derek keeps PayPal's computers in line

And caters with varied concoctions divine.

Zach has a new job—construction for Zwick.

Tara chases Sami—she has to be quick!

Sami loves walking and climbing and eating

And she is the last in our holiday greeting.

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We want you to know, family and friends, you are dear.

We count all our blessings, we do every day;

And you are among them in a very big way!

The Hassell Family – Christmas 2008


Lori said...

Michelle, You are amazing. I love how you did your christmas card. Awesome!!

marlequin said...

gramma you are awesome!