Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Mom's 9th Annual 50th Birthday!!

I was going to write a limerick in Mom's honor, but if I don't get going, her dinner won't be done in time, so I hereby announce the first annual limerick/haiku/couplet/stanza/whatever contest. Put your entries (relating to the Birthday Girl) in the comments. (You know you want to.) The winner gets a WWALT tile.

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Derek said...

There once was a mother of eight
Whose fear of small mammals was great
On her shoulder she found
A gerbil in brown
So her son wore hot oatmeal that day

Derek said...

Mom in the morning
Singing wakeup songs to us
Time to dust

Derek said...

A son once asked Mother
"What day is it?"
Mother answered, "Cream of Wheat"

Derek said...

Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the breakfast schedule by Mother dear

On Monday we dine on Cream of Wheat
On Tuesday we get our pancakes, Sweet!
On Wednesday we're eating oatmeal mush
And Thursday is scrambled eggs and such.
Friday's dish is a grain from heaven
It numbers in 10, or 12, or 7

On weekends we change it up a bit
Depending on when at church we sit.
French toast on Sunday when church is at one
When at 9, cold cereal is how it gets done
Saturday morning I haven't missed
It's just Sunday's breakfast opposite

I know it's confusing, but it worked for us freaks
How else could we remember the day of the week?!

marlaquin said...

Wow Derek, I have no competing rhyme to enter as yours are so stellar.

Derek said...

It's my penance for not calling her yesterday.

bestgrandkidsever said...

Don't let him fool you. He's just trying to win the WWALT tile!

Big Momma said...

I'm not looking for a WWALT tile, but I sure like looking at that picture. so, here goes:

He saw her, that first day in church
And his heart took a big, giant lurch.
I told him her name,
and life wasn't the same.
Yes, she ended his marital search!

Derek said...

The tile is totally going to Aunt Arlene.

Big Momma said...

I agree with Marla!