Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Paula wanted to know what Grandpa would have thought of this. He would have loved it. Heck, he might have invented it!


Jerilyn said...

I am glued to it! Amazing.

Grandpa would have loved it and then probably improved it in 800 ways.

Then, Dad would have come along and figured out a way to make it DANGEROUS. As in, "Hmm...why should the logs just fall on the ground once they're cut? I think they should SHOOT SOMEWHERE." And then there would be injuries, but the injuries would be AWESOME.

Trina said...

So efficient and frightening all at the same time! That thing looks like is has a mind of it's own, and could turn at any time.

Trina said...

"I mean, ITS own," said the homeskooleeng mother.