Thursday, March 19, 2009

Giant Heads Unite!

So, it's not an official reunion this year. But Kevin and I will be coming out on July 6th, Craig and Lois will be there on the 3rd. Trina may take some pictures, and we will bless Ezra Monday or Tuesday night. So any siblings that want to join us are more than welcome, and if you can't come, that's OK too.

Also, Jerilyn has offered her mansion on 19 acres for a family party one night. Anyone up for a sweet game of capture the flag?

Those are all the plans I have. Feel free to leave comments and let's get this party started!

Official family 4th reunion will resume next year.


bestgrandkidsever said...

I'm in for capture the flag!

marlaquin said...

No worries, Jerilyn just canceled my birthday party. BOOOO.

Lois said...

Jerilyn...19 acres...what? Did I miss something? Do you have your own cow? (Go Raw Milk!) Capture the flag sounds way fun and I think I've got Craig talked into a 5k the morning of the 4th. (but we are going to try one here in June first--see how it goes.)