Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Toyota Prius vs. BMW M3?


Derek said...

I'll be the geek here. The reason the Prius got poor gas mileage is because it's not designed to be a touring vehicle, while the M3 is. The Prius gets really poor mileage when traveling at constant speeds, because the efficiency only kicks in during city driving, with constant stop and go. When you brake, you store energy in the batteries, and when you start again, you use it up. I once had a Prius as a rental, and if you're very careful, you can get around most city streets without the engine ever turning on.

Cars like the Chevy Volt turn this model on its head. The Volt is still technically a hybrid, but the wheels are 100% electric driven. The on-board motor is only there to charge the batteries on trips longer than about 40 miles. The Volt would do phenomenally well against the M3, mostly because after only 10 laps, it wouldn't have used any fuel at all.

Craig said...

Sheesh. Take the fun out of it, will ya?

Derek said...

Sorry...bad reflex