Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fooling

My kids have been reminding me for weeks about last April Fools' Day's dinner, so I delivered this morning with jello in their juice cups (fooled everyone but LaRee) and food coloring under their Rice Chex (so the milk turned colors when I poured it in - got 'em all, but LaRee was highly suspicious).

But my favorite part was sneaking into their rooms after they'd fallen asleep and drawing mustaches on them. (I considered illustrating Jason's face, too, but waking him up out of a dead sleep can be hazardous.)

It took them a little while in the morning to notice, but then it was hilarious to hear them saying, "Why do you have a mustache?" and "What? No, YOU have a mustache!" and then to see the realization hit as they ran to the bathroom mirror. I'm still laughing! (Olivia, FYI, was not amused, and shut herself in the bathroom until I came and helped her wash it off.)

I have a what?

She who sleeps deepest gets eyebrows as well.

In contrast, she who flails wildly at every mustache attempt and then buries her face in the pillow gets only a half-stache and no picture.