Friday, April 3, 2009

April Pool's Day

Remembering what Trina did last year, I decided it would be fun to do something similar at my house.

So, I made a "carrot cake" (meatloaf made with orange peppers, baked in cake pans and frosted with mashed potatoes)

and served it with "ice cream" (more mashed potatoes) and "strawberries with whipped cream" (baby beets sliced to look like strawberries with whipped butter).

Then, for dessert, we had "meatloaf" (carrot cake with streusel topping and red-tinted caramel icing baked in a loaf pan)

served with "mashed potatoes and gravy" (ice cream with caramel sauce) and "soybean and mandarin orange salad" (green jelly beans and candy orange slices).

My teenagers were not impressed, but they did humor me. The baby wasn't impressed, either, because she is an ungrateful child.

So, given that my funny little meal was a bust, here's the ultimate April Fool's joke I am still playing:

As a joke, Jeff told Glen I was pregnant (I'm not.). After a while, I pulled Glen aside to tell him that I'm not really pregnant, but Jeff thinks I am (Jeff doesn't, though) (are you following?) but that I wanted to see how long we could get Jeff to believe it. Also, I told Jeff that I wanted to see how long we could get Glen to believe I am pregnant. So, both of them are working hard to keep up the charade for the other. Meanwhile, I am enjoying getting extra help from both of them. WIN/WIN.

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bestgrandkidsever said...

So much work for so little reward! Amazing though. (Come fix it for us next year and I promise we'll be impressed AND grateful!)