Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Go Jaci!!

First things first: Jaci ran the 2-mile fun run on Saturday, and was the second girl across the finish line in a smokin' 15:56!! Hooray!

Olivia drew this while waiting impatiently to go play with Olivia (K)lark. I think she started with last name initials (to differentiate Olivias), and then decided to add mirror-image first names, which makes her "Bolivia." It just makes me laugh.

Touring Wildlife Images on Spring Break with the H's. And a bear.

Jesse on the way to Tacoma with us last month (we left the girls with friends). It turns out that when there isn't any sisterly chatter to compete with, the kid can talk a 7-hour blue streak!

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bestgrandkidsever said...

BIG kudos to Jaci! Fun pictures!

Laura said...

Holy cow Jaci! That's faster than I would have run it! I love the expression on Jesse's face.