Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaci!

For Jaci's dinner, we stole an idea from some good friends; it's called "Mystery Dinner," where your dinner must be eaten with a utensil drawn at random. (For instance, Jaci is eating with a bamboo skewer, which I think was a little easier than the turkey baster I drew, but not as easy as Olivia's tongs.)

Jaci also asked to use an idea we saw on everyone has a small container with 12 folded strips of paper - one for each part of the meal. (Stroganoff, noodles, salad, dressing, pineapple, edamame, pop-up rolls (thanks Tara!), butter, ice, kool-aid, napkin, cup. Plates were a freebie.) For each of 4 courses, everyone draws 3 papers out, and that's what they get for that course. (Lucky people drew their noodles & stroganoff together. Unlucky people had a napkin, a cup, and ice for one course.) The rules state that you don't have to eat anything you don't want to, but you can't save it for later.

Within 2 minutes of starting dinner, four members of my family were either crying or cheating. But the birthday girl and her friends loved it, and the others came around by the second course.

Frozen yogurt - Birthday dessert of choice.

We don't have parties every year, and we limited Jaci to two friends for dinner this year, but a few more girls stopped by right before dinner, and I didn't have the heart to turn them away once they had seen all the fun preparations. They're all such good kids, it was easy to have extras. (Olivia will be reminding me of this in 10 months.)

Happy 11th!
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bestgrandkidsever said...

Much more fun than hot cereal for breakfast! (Nice birthday present!)

marlaquin said...

Jaci is 11?? AAARGH. FYI, today is the 12th anniversary of when I came home from my mission. Get off my lawn.

Also, Trina you are a very fancy MOM. And how do you make that frozen yogurt again? Does it involve COOL WHIP?

Trina said...

"Get off my lawn." HAHAHAHA!!!

Also, YES on the-chemical-topping-which-cannot-be-named. Also yogurt, cream cheese (Jason's addition to the original recipe) and a graham cracker crust. Preferably doubled.

marlaquin said...

I made the frozen yogurt this weekend and everyone loved it! I did whipped cream, cream cheese, and yogurt - I also added frozen blueberries and cut up strawberries to the mix. However, the strawberries were hard and big to chew, the blueberries were perfect, I can see what you mean about the doubled crust. Doubled it would have been perfect. Seeran says he wants it for his next birthday (December).

It's so easy to make, perfect for Summer. Thanks Trina!

Trina said...

Now I'm craving graham cracker crust. Yogurt optional.