Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An Apostolic Warning

Dad and I would love it if you would take time to listen to this and share what you think in the comments. It would make a great Family Home Evening.


Jerilyn said...

Well, there goes that tattoo I was planning.

As someone who works in front of a computer most of the day, I certainly can see how the distractions he mentions can be damaging. It's another area in which we must work to exercise self control and moderation.

I have found long-lasting friendships with people I only talk to online and many of my other relationships with friends, family and members of my ward have been strengthened by the various social media applications I use. Even so, I think it's important to recognize the distinction between online friends and friends I can actually have over for dinner.

Zachary Pierre said...

Tara & I watched this for FHE tonight and we both really enjoyed it. Although we aren't on them very often, we both have Facebook accounts and it's sad to see how often some of our friends have to update their statuses (stati?). One lady in our ward went so far as to say that she hadn't been on Facebook all day, felt completely disconnected, but had been very productive. I doubt she recognized the irony.

We also liked how he called attention to the sacred nature of our bodies and the importance of using them for what God intended; physical relationships, learning, etc.

When we talk to people face to face and actually interact, the experience is so much more fulfilling. It's a little depressing to see how many of the youth in our ward struggle to carry on a normal conversation with another person.

(Sorry, this is so long) In PEC a few months ago our Bishop warned us about the dangers of online social networking. It's good to see it from the Brethren as well. What a blessing to have inspired priesthood leaders who can recognize danger in a seemingly harmless application, often well before we can.