Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I've got your back, Toria

In response to Toria's request (and in honor of one of my favorite cousins):

Freshman year at BYU: John broke his wrist doing something back handspring-ish and had a cast on for a while. He came by my apartment one day, made a beeline for the freezer, stuck his overheated, casted arm inside, and sighed with relief. And then (surprise!) I got out my camera.

Dad took this picture at Brett & Jackie's wedding, just a couple of months before John left on his mission. No photoshopping, honest!

And now I will throw myself onto the sacrificial HOLY HAIR altar, just for John. (Doherty Summit, on the way back to our Freshman year of college.)


bestgrandkidsever said...

You and John both had "heads-o-hair" back then!

Savannah said...

I LOVE the hair Trina!

Barry and Shannon said...

you acutally pulled over on Doherty? i usually have to puke on that stupid pass every stinking time i'm on it!

marlaquin said...

dude. Trina. If only you would recreate that hair. Seriously.