Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm a little late with this, but here's Olivia's Birthday Menu:
Jello, Pickles, No Flax Seed, Pink Lemonade.

In the end, she asked for - I kid you not - Jello, broccoli, cucumbers, pickles, edamame, spinach salad, pink lemonade, and ranch. I added chicken spinach cups (she was against it), but left the flax seed out.

The following is what I found on my pillow one night after one of my daughters, who had been hinting around that she ought to be allowed to go with Jason on scout campouts, received some encouragement from edFray arkClay:

Page 1:
Page 2 (you'll probably have to click it to read it):
I told her that just as soon as she gets the Bishop's approval, she can rock Scout Camp.

Then, a few weeks later, I was telling her about the family that moved to Ashland years ago and lived in a 5th wheel with four homeschooled boys. That night, I found the following on my pillow:

(The Neilsens live at the pear farm, and their daughter is her close friend. She's pretty sure they won't mind if we park an RV in their yard.)

What was in my email, you ask?

(My question: Reply with in what? The RV?)

Hopefully she can fine-tune those persuasive skills to her advantage someday (when she doesn't live here anymore).


bestgrandkidsever said...

Like Glenn Beck says, you can't make this stuff up!! Hilarious!

Barry and Shannon said...

edFray arkClay probably forgot to tell about all the near death experiences on scout campouts too and minor hypothermia. Clark campout are are what legends are made of. Plus if Sis. Shumway can do it then anyone can!

That was funny. Maybe you can ask edFray if you could park the RV in the orchard!

Toria said...

this is too funny I don't even know where to begin!
First of all- talk about deceptively delicious! What the? I an curious as to what my kids would put on their birthday menu. I may have to start this tradition. Second- send the recipe for chicken spinach cups. They look yummy and kid friendly.
Third- this rv thing has me laughing AND blown away with her logic, intelligence and the fact that she's covering all the bases (the school boundaries- haha)