Sunday, May 17, 2009

What We've Been Up To

We decided to take a real summer vacation, but the trip of choice was beyond what was budgeted. So the kids volunteered to sell cinnamon rolls to raise funds (think Lemonade Stand rather than Child Labor Sweat Shop). We're also gearing up for a yard sale (shudder).

Keeping Jesse busy in the car while we "supervise" the kids (and Olivia running back and forth between the car and the corner). (My apologies to those who are scandalized by chalk on the dashboard.)

Mother's day. Pancakes and eggs! (Much improved from the bloated shredded-wheat-that-had-been-swimming-in-milk-for-15-minutes of 2007. But made with just as much love.)

Kindergarten field trip to Lithia Park:

They couldn't check the fountain off their scavenger hunt unless they tried the Lithia water:

Zach, do you recognize the teacher on the right?

Left the camera in the car with children again:

Olivia's story was chosen from her school class for the school writing festival:

I wint on a trip dring spring brak.
I wint to Anomls cnchrachin. But I
did not see enee trls, but win
I wint to the duk pond I saw
a trtl. I was soe glad.

(Anomls cnchrachin = Animals' Contraction = Olivia's name for Wildlife Images)


bestgrandkidsever said...

Whew! What a relief! I had no idea what or where "Anomls cnchrachin" was! Also, Trina's cinnamon rolls were a HUGE hit at the temple! (We brought them to celebrate Bro. Clevenger's birthday.)

Cat Zimmer said...

Trina- So glad you loved the tacos! Aren't the crispy shells the best? I am going to tell Dan you tried them, he will be so excited.