Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad Had a Great Father's Day Weekend

Brett decided this would be the year to put the car in the Medford Show 'n Shine and between he and Dad, they made it happen! Most entries were sports cars, but Dad and Brett got a lot of nice comments from people who said they raised their families in cars like ours (minus the DVD player and electronic dashboard). The capstone on a dream come true!

Dad's journal entry for today:

We put the Chevy in the Medford show and shine Saturday, Brett took her over in the morning and then we took a group over later. He stayed for the entire time and we were there for a couple of hours. During that time I held down the fort while Brett went to see others. We walked around and saw many, but the as I sat by ours, many came by and the ones that were of the most interest were the older couples who commented they had grown up with a car like that, or they had raised their children in a car like that. One lady was showing her friend the push button for the starter and remarked how she remembered her family car having the same kind of starter button. My old high school buddy Laurey Dixon who had a 1949 Chevy ambulance that he has restored was amazed and impressed with our work. When he asked why I didn’t use the original instrument cluster instead of the digital, I told him of all the things the new dash could do and then when I pointed out all of the upgrades we had done, including XM radio, I could tell he was impressed. She may not have been as shiny as some, but a lot of people commented on how nice she looked and how practical she was. So many were amazed at the room in the back seat, one guy mentioned his 2006 Lincoln didn’t have that much room. I think it would have been nice to have had the bench seat in the front, but we didn’t and we couldn’t find one. It was a good day. I took a picture of the Surburban and the 50 together, they both being the first cars of the current owners. We had indicated on the pictures we put in a book to show our progress that the reason we built a 50 Chevy was we had bought her for high school transportation for the Hassell family in 1962 and she has now been driven by four generations of that family. We have a picture taken in 1970 shortly after Michele and I were married with all of our family, parents and sisters, Rand, Joyce’s husband and their new daughter Kristin and there in the background is the Chevy. We have pictures of various stages of the work done on her beginning with a picture taken in Tuba City in 1972 of Uncle Lee working on her and then later in stages of being dismantled and the slow progress until Brett began in earnest the work on her exterior up to the final paint and polish. The pictures I had taken of the work on the drive train and the interior didn’t turn out so there is no record of that work. But Beulah is done and we are glad that work in progress is now at its conclusion.

Tara’s car is now finished and Green Bean is happily cruising up and down the back roads of our fair establishment. The back roads are a necessity as the plates are expired 3 years. Craig is going to tow it out when they return to Utah after visiting on the Fourth. That will be a happy conclusion to that project that went surprisingly well and was just as enjoyable.


Zachary Pierre said...

Car looks great Dad. Those plates look familiar. Are they the same that were on the Celica? Also, thanks a ton for working on Tara's car. She keeps reminding me to ask how much it cost you - we'll definitely pay you back.

It was cool to read the journal entry. It made me think back to my mission - reading a day out of Dad's journal each day. The writing style & voice have not changed one bit.

I know I told you this yesterday, but happy Father's Day. You've done more for me than I'll ever be able to repay, & I'll always be proud of my last name. More than once I've asked myself "Would Dad do this?" before I've taken action on something and when I can answer in the afirmative the outcome nearly always positive (except for buying electronics - I take a different approach to that). I love you Dad.

Now watch Trina write some sturring ode that makes this look pathetic. Do I get points for being first?

bestgrandkidsever said...

Such a nice tribute--the parental paycheck. :)

Zachary Pierre said...

Never mind on the license plate. The Celi was 327 ANJ. Dang close, though.