Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Utah Trip Highlights

I know I should do this as a slide show. Too lazy.
Emma phoning home on the Salt Flats.
Sami directing traffic prior to the start of the Pioneer parade.
Waiting for parade to start.
All agreed Ashland's parade is more exciting--even if it is sometimes too exciting!
Bella at the BBQ.
BBQ at Zach and Tara's clubhouse.
Wouldn't this be a great time out for energetic children?
Juli, Sadie & Zoe at the clubhouse pool.
Emma, who was a great traveler and agreeable to everything we did!
Emma, Jane & Glen at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house.
Hogle Zoo.
(Sometimes they let the animals run wild!)


Zachary Pierre said...

What do you mean the Pioneer Day Parade isn't exciting? I had to fight off a drunken Mexican to keep those seats! Almost literally!

bestgrandkidsever said...

True! Everyone but you missed the most exciting part of the parade! We appreciate your sacrifice so we could sit in the shade!