Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Bird in the Barnyard Story

For all those who are not cognizant of the alacrity of this metaphor:
It seems a bird who enjoyed the party life too much decided not to head south with his companions at the appointed time, instead he decided to have a bit more fun before departure. He woke one cold morning realizing that the time of departure was past decided to head south. Because the weather had now turned cold as he tried to achieve his correct altitude he encountered a fall storm that proceeded to ice up his wings until he could no longer fly and laden with ice he plummeted to the ground, landing in a barnyard. As he lay there, he sank deeply into pity, thinking how cold and miserable he was, by now regretting his procrastinated departure. It was at that time a cow wandered by and deposited a fairly immense amount of green matter on the erstwhile freezing bird. The "poor" bird now began to really be miserable thinking not only was he cold, but now covered in this green stuff that life could not get any worse. But then he began to realize that he was getting warm and as he warmed up his attitude began to improve, thinking in spite of his surroundings things were not really that bad after all, and so getting warmer and thawing out he began to reflect on his new found circumstances by beginning to chirp a little. The warmer he got the more he to chirped until he broke out in song. At that moment of his joy of warmth, the barnyard cat heard him and locating him by his song, scooped him out, cleaned him off and ate him.

The morals to this story/metaphor, are three:
1. Not everyone that dumps on you is your enemy.
2. Not everyone that helps you out is your friend
3. If you are up to your eyebrows in "stuff" and happy, SHUT UP!!

And there you have it. Dad

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Jerilyn said...

I am SO going to use this in a Sunday School lesson sometime.