Saturday, September 12, 2009

Four Years Old

Jesse lucked out with four cakes/parties this year:

Cake #1: Made by Dad to welcome us home from our Utah/Idaho trip. Jesse's too innocent to realize that a 9-hour drive isn't exactly a birthday present. Particularly when a Boohbah is smuggled aboard (Marla!).

Cake #2: The fourth birthday is a party year. It was also the year of three trips in 5 weeks. So we brought a cake and a present to the weekly playgroup and told him it was his party. The playgroup hostess sweetly gifted him a foam rocket launcher and he was in heaven.

Cake #3: Hassell Dinner. Glen had issues with the aerodynamics.

Cake #4: Traditional Brumble Ding-Dong Cake (and some cupcakes) for celebrating with the Brumble side.

And then we added him to the chore chart. Happy Birthday Jesse!
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PaulaJean said...

I loved the last comment, "and then we added him to the chore chart." What a great birthday!

Trina said...

For the love of pete, don't go straight from this post to the latest on the Craig Caboodle.

bestgrandkidsever said...

Gotta love a Dad who will make a birthday cake for his son!