Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Something Fun & Informative

The site recently introduced their Food Storage Analyzer. From their web site: "The Food Storage Analyzer™ helps manage various types of food storage in one program. You can combine dehydrated food, freeze-dried food, wet-pack (canned food from the grocery store), MRE's (Meals Ready-to-Eat), "just add water" meals (such as Mountain House), and more. You can even enter your own custom products." It's a good way to see what you have and what you need to add. You can print our the results and choose items each shopping trip to add to your storage. They have some great products you can try, but you can also add what you already have and what you intend to purchase from the store that they might not have available. And if you have your own blog and you register and try the analyzer, then post on your blog about it, you can get a $10 gift card toward your purchase. Every little bit helps! If nothing else, check out their site. It has a lot of good information for all kinds of preparedness and they often have items on sale! (Considering the economy, it might not be a bad place to do your Christmas shopping!)
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